Studio 1: Week 2

On the second week of Studio 1 class, we were prompt to finish our assignments as they were due that week. The week was time consuming with a lot of illustrating and work (well especially for me).

When we arrived at class, all I did was work on my assignment. This was good for me, as I didn’t get much time at home to work on it. during the week, I encountered multiple problems, most were minor, but the major problem was that my InDesign files didn’t load on my computer as it was the CS6 version. To counter this issue, I packaged my files at uni before I left for home.

The progress in my psychedelic cards were as expected. they looked almost like the image of them I had in my head. They started from rough sketch to very refined artwork. From last weeks blog, my sketchers were very rough, but in week 2 they became refined and complete. Progress work will be shown below.

It changed from these:


To these:


I’m proud with how they look and to me, they are of high quality in my personal opinion. They took a long time to make and they look great in a digital mock-up!

Full gallery can be found on my Behance:

Let’s see what the next assignment brings!


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