Studio 1: Week 3

This week for studio, we started our second assignment after the first. In the second assignment we had to come up with a spec /fake “Cultural Festival.” We were made to choose groups of either 3-2 and work out what kind of festival we were going to do.

The overview and information is here:


Produce the marketing collateral for an upcoming cultural festival. Choose a country or cultural group that will be showcased at the festival. Pitch your festival idea to your client (studio facilitator) for feedback and approval. Create a project plan to ensure your project will run to schedule 

Create materials advertising the upcoming festival which describe:

  • Date and location
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Guests


Advertising material for the event including:

  • Project plan
  •  Style guide
  • Logo
  • 1 x A3 poster
  • 1 x A6 brochure (4 pages per team member)
  • 1 piece of digital advertising per team member
  • Minimum 1 other piece of collateral of any kind per team member (balloons, t-shirts, bus side, bunting, banners, etc.)

After forming the groups, my group were searching the web trying to find an efficent and good festival to use that was ‘cultural.’ After constantly searching and having multiple ideas we found the perfect one for us.


The festival we chose was the ‘Holi Festival.’ What the Holi festival is, is an indian festival made to celebrate the leaving of winter and the coming of spring! It’s a very interesting festival, and we thought it would bring a great array of designs and ideas.


After doing all our research, we had to create a pitch to show to multiple people we didn’t know, which I thought was really good. We got a lot of good feedback and refined our presentation and learned a lot in a few minutes . The design of our festival is going to be a modernized feeling, a cool new look on the festival and the holi festival designs. We thought it would look very interesting. Some examples of the logos and style can be found below:


The festival plans and ideas are not complete yet, but will hope to be complete by this week. All errors will be fixed by this week.


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