Isaac Ibbott

Graphic Designe11666036_10204092616947150_7119972697432514248_nr

I am a student at the SAE institute of Australia in Brisbane. I plan to refine my skills and talents of programs, design, and mindset. I am very dedicated to to my primary functions and I takes my work and study very seriously.

The course I am currently studying is (Bachelor of Graphic Design.)

As a child I was always Interested in design and drawing. I would look at billboards, and art pieces with great jealousy and pride. I would always wonder how they did it. I would endlessly and continuously create little design sketches of machinery, creatures, weapons, and instruments in my school textbooks.

I am hoping that the course I’m studying will open up new opportunities for myself, and my career in trying to become a well-known freelance designer in the industry. After I gain enough money and become well known in the industry; I wish to create a company called ‘Wandering Imagery,’ this company will hold multiple elite designers. This company will allow people to request things/designs/websites and the company will assign designers to the task. When the company becomes bigger, I plan to open up new opportunities to aspiring designers by creating multiple universities studying the ‘arts.’

Preview of my works would be found on the official Facebook page: Facebook.com/WanderingImagery


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