Studio 3 – Storyboard and video

Video stuff

While making the video for my stamina project, I found it very interesting to work on. It was a new experience which as certainly fun. I learnt about dolly’s and certain film aspects. I went and quoted Haydn, a film maker in sae institute to see if i could pitch him my weird and obscure concept. which was hard. I told him all about it, that i wanted it to look quite aged and retro. That I wanted to include the concept of certain ‘boosts’ those of which were not realistic at all. Overall he was pretty down for it and had a concept/script within a few days of asking him. After I read the script, I made the storyboard for the video.






The storyboard I conducted in photoshop, as i found the workflow very easy. I made the setting in a bar type environment, but due to filming and time complications the video had to be set within the filming set in sae/the void. This was okay for me, as long as i got the final outcome i wished for. The storyboard was rough, but it was okay because he completely understood the concept and he enjoyed it quite so.



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