Studio 3 – Self reflection


This blog is going to be discussing my projects and side projects for studio 3. I will be talking about the good things and the bad things that happened to me in this trimester. Although it may sound bad, it was a beneficial experience.


The bad

I like to start off with the bad, so that I can end with the good and make a very lasting impression. This trimester I found that I have been saying ‘yes’ to many things. I end up having to say yes and get so many projects and meetings. This led to me going to companies to have meetings and staying home from uni and it was all just… Bad. I need to say ‘NO’ to people, even though I feel like a jerk for saying no.

This ‘no’ thing led to me managing time bad, which was an issue with the staying home and such. Also, it does take me like 3 hours to get home and come here most of the time.

The time management was actually very good, but bad. The bad was what I previously just explained, but the good will be in the next section.

I had issues with the characters and designing in that style in the beginning of my project, but later on I was able to set the style and fully refine it in the deco style I created


The good

The good things I did was quite many. I got to be able to help a lot of people with their projects, such as the LXD project audio guys. I loved working on the project for them, it made me happy to see them enjoying the work kalebh and I created for them. I am very good at spacing stuff out with scheduling and fast deadlines. I ended up having a lot of fast and overnight deadlines, which was another reason for me staying home (bad I know). I did them on time and made them as perfect as they could be before I got it handed on time. I know how to make a lasting impression with deadlines.
I’m good at talking with clients and explaining them concepts when I get a steady idea down.  I now know that I am good at design, photography. This was the dream especially with my brand. TO be able to articulate that I am an all-rounder, hence the brand name ‘wandering imagery’. I am able to do a variety of skills and styles which will make me a VIP person for clients. I just need to improve my illustration and photography


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