Studio 3 -Project plan/scheduling


This blog will be talking about how  I was able to work with the project plan and work with a schedule I personally set for myself. Well all of us had to do these things.



In this trimester, I started off a little bit wobbly with my scheduling for the project plan. I did not have a schedule, I just wrote on notepads like a to-do list, which was something that i frequently used to do until i found out about this awesome program/plugin ‘WUNDERLIST’. It is the digital form of a to-do list and it works great at reminding you what you have to do.

This one worked great for me, it is a lot better than waterfall and other methods i believe. It was very easy and great. I had issues with some things on the schedule such as the video advertisement and my packaging for self branding/stamina packaging. The issues were brought on because of money and other clients, which was the ‘yes/no’ problem i was facing at the time.


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(this is from an old blog)


Project Plan

The project plan methodology I used for this was the mehtod i like to call ‘todolist’. The way I set it up was using the word document and setting a small schedule to start on the program ‘wunderlist’ it allowed me to have various sections for each project and stay on time and on track for the deadlines. I love it so much. The project plan may look bare and gross at the moment, but this is because I have used word. I am going to be making it look prettier when I upload my media for the campus online.

Mainly the project plan had to be done first because it was a major part of project planning and documentation, so that i could keep on track and know my deliverables.

My deliverables were set in the first week or two  but did change slowly over time when I added stuff at a moderate pace.


(Project plan here)




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