Studio 3 – Creative practice


This blog is here to discuss my creative practice and how to improve myself within it. I did discuss in a previous blog slightly about this, but I will be covering it here again but in more depth.


Creative practice

I have found my style. Even though I thought I would never find my style ever. I have just been doing photography, design/layout at the moment but I do need to improve some illustration. Here is a quote from last blog’

I’m good at talking with clients and explaining them concepts when I get a steady idea down.  I now know that I am good at design, photography. This was the dream especially with my brand. TO be able to articulate that I am an all-rounder, hence the brand name ‘wandering imagery’. I am able to do a variety of skills and styles which will make me a VIP person for clients. I just need to improve my illustration and photography.

The things that I can improve on in my creative practice will be sort of making my brand a bit more accessible and explain how it works, because at the exhibition not many people were knowing what it was about. I want to be able to do more styles in the future, because that is what my brand is about. I want to be doing many different things. The styles and such will be something I yearn to learn.

I can get very stressed when it comes to working on projects, but I remain calm and vigilant throughout (but in my mind I found that I was going crazy). One thing I found which is annoyingly bad is when im working on something and then thinking it is ‘shit’ after I create it. I end up deleting it or doing something stupid, then later I find that I like the first one. Im very self-conscious about my work when I do this kind of stuff, and its depressing. I need to be able to see my work how it is when I create it.


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