Studio 3 – Social Media statistics


This blog is to show the statistics and analytics of my social media for my main project in studio3. This is for my stamina project. I can’t include instagram because the hotmail I made for the project isnt working and wont allow me to use hashtags or even post anything. So that sucks.



So I did try to be quite involving with my facebook, as most of the people I know use facebook and i was able to share it around and get likes. I posted my advertisement video and got a lot of likes, shares and engagement on that one. I was happy with it and i got a lot of good reach from it. I will say it was successful.




The twitter was quite good too, it got a few likes and comments even though I only posted like twice. It worked well even though the grounding of the brand was like 0 lol.





Well I can’t post because the email is broken, but here is a message telling you that again.




To conclude I found out that facebook is a good way to get yourself out or your brand as it is one of the most used platforms, but hard to market on at the same time. Instagram is very good for amateur growth, but for larger growth twitter and fb are the kings. Videos are also clicked and watched more often i noticed. Which is interesting and a good thing to know now.


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