Studio 3 -Feedback/Group work


This blog is going to be discussing the group work and is going to discuss feedback i was given from my designs for the game project i worked on for the games students. I worked on this project ‘bloop boop’ with jasmine, who is the only other graphic designer involved.


Group work

This group work i already discussed in many previous blogs. I will re-copy it in to this blog in order to make things easier.

‘bloop bloop.’ We chose these guys because we loved the game idea. The game is sort of like doodle jump but you have to swipe your path. I wish I could show gameplay on this blog, but I am unable to do so; So i will copy and paste the overview they have on their document in the drive:

Bloop boop is a 2d side on arcade style game, the player’s goal is to get a high a score as possible or to complete the level. The player does this by controlling a ball with physics based interactions, the player places down platforms by swiping in the direction they wish. They must then attempt to avoid obstacles and collect powerups and coins to upgrade their ball or “bloop”.

Bloops Index


What we did

jasmine and i worked on both UI layout, design, icons, buttons, appeal, etc of the game. We designed and made everything how it looked. We visualised the game. The old visuals were not so great, so i suggested something to the manager of the group, and he enjoyed the idea. The idea was to create these ‘bloops’ in a cloud like environment. The bloops are made of paint, and i had an idea to make a cutscene at the beginning to explain the story.
They would want to escape the encapturement of their paint buckets. Be free and be painted over as much as they could. Be free, and get to space.  They all loved this idea, and it was awesome to see their reactions to these ideas.


Icon idea.jpg

Poster design

I made the poster idea very similar to the icon I made for them. This was to keep beautiful consistency throughout the game so users can recognise this. I told him this and he agreed. We agreed on the concept to have a limited edition bloop for those who download via the link on the poster we would put up in the uni.




Most of the feedback I received was good. he agreed with most of the things that i said and the only thing about working in this group that was sort of bad was that our layouts didn’t stay the exact same through the game. But hey, its their game, they get to choose what they want to do.



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