Studio 3 – 5 c’s of Marketing


Marketing. It is one of the most important things of a brand identity and getting out and gaining more money, publicity, sales, stocks, etc. This is the most important part about being a graphic designer i believe. Its one thing to make good designs, but its another to be able to make a company have the ability to get more customers. That is one of the main reasons they come to graphic designers/marketing teams. It is a good thing to learn marketing as a graphic designer, as it is an additional bonus to it. Being able to get YOURSELf and other brands out.

There are 5 C’s of marketing. These are all just as important as each other.

  1. Customer
  2. Company
  3. collaborators
  4. Competitors
  5. Context

These are what you look at when you are making a brand strategy. You use these to analyse your concepts, ideas, design, etc



This is where you will be looking at your targeted customers/customers. You will look at all their needs, requirements, feedback, etc. You will research into your customers and see their purchases, retail channels, and how much they purchase to analyse. There are much more, but i have pin pointed it to the few. You will assign your company to the customer needs to get an idea.




As stated above, you will assign the customer needs and relate it to the company. A good way to to see if your position is to suit the customer needs is to create or take a look at your company swot analysis. This will pin point your weaknesses and how strong you are as a brand.




By looking at your competitors you will be able to see what they are doing with their customers and see if they pose a threat to your business. IF they are, have a look at their products, and try and create a SWOT analysis for them or find their weaknesses and strengths.



Find A way of searching for collaborators could be as simply as getting sponsors or outside members to assist you such as event sponsors, distributors, suppliers,



This is where you sum things up and see if the context will create any issues within social, technical, political, climate, economic issues, etc. You do not want to be limited because of these. This is how you will create and examine the 5C’s of marketing whether you are doing a rebrand, marketing scheme, event, etc. Always follow this diagram .




To conclude, I will discuss how I used this within my project for studio 3. The project for my Stamina. I did use this very much, i analysed my customers a lot.

I used this in 3 ways. The branding, the video advertisement, the social media advertisement campaign, and the collateral to be purchased.

I did a marketing persona to diagnose and pinpoint my average customers before and while the branding was taking place to analyse customers. I researched various different competitors when I was preparing my SWOT analysis for the branding. I looked at my competitors weaknesses and strengths and I made my brand better for the betterment and growth of the company and to compete and WIN with marketing. As collaboration, I would have suppliers and distributors of the product to finalise everything up. While finishing it with context to the customer, company, collaborators, and competitors. Cant go too far fetched.


For my marketing/social media I did take a look at the climate and growth of the company in order to get a starting point on the campaign. The competitors did do a similar thing to it, but I had to improve it and tweak it to make it a betterment for the brand.



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