Studio 3 – Self promotion


In class a few weeks ago, we were told we had to rebrand/brand ourselves for promotion. At the time, I already had a growing brand which I branded the previous year. I had also printed business cards for myself. I had two sets of 250 cards. This was a little annoying for me as I did have a brand. Anyway, beside from the point. We are rebranding my company/page ‘wandering Imagery.’ Wandering Imagery on intagram has over 1,000 followers and on facebook, it has over 200.



Concept 1

The first concept is the [–Vintage-type–] vintage logo I did. I wanted to test out various styles for my rebranding. I wanted this one to look like it was vintage/retro-modern brand. I’m not entirely sure why, but I did want to make a vintage logo for the brand to see what it would look or feel like.



Concept 2

The second concept was a mixture of modern and retro design style. I made it look like a stamp with my specialty which is making awesome icon stuff. The stamp would be useful because i could stamp the logo on stuff without having to print stuff with the logo printed on it. It would be quite cheaper than the alternative print option. It would make everything sustainable. The concept was to stick with ‘wandering imagery’ and make it change with each speciality  i do, because i am known to do many different things. photography, art, illustration, design, layout, etc. Thats what i want to push with the branding.


Concept 3

The third and final concept for my rebranding is this modern logo, but it has a retro feel within it slightly. This is the one that everybody decided to choose for the rebrand. Although I did enjoy concept 2 just as much, everybody told me this would be better for my brand. I asked my instagram followers what they thought as well. Many people loved the stamp logo and said it was better, but believed for my brand the modern style one would be better an effective. I made a monochrome logo to go along with it and my slogan also. The monochrome represents ‘WI’ the initials of the brand, but it also appears to look like ‘WE’ which is related to the slogan I was thinking of coming up with. I want the brand to be about ‘us.’ talking about the client and myself, we have a special relationship, we will make the design strong, etc.

Logo Mocks


The packaging for the brand is an idea I came up with to try and make something cheap that works an I will be able to reproduce at very low costs. This package is a box that I purchased from Daiso for around 5 dollars. The box will have a packaging sleeve over it with my logo. This is because i dont have the money to print on a cardboard box. The sleeve will be able to slide off, and you will then get the box.

Upon opening the box, there will be box-hay inside along with a USB with promotional work, the name of the style of box and a pouch with 52 cards in that style.

Each box will have a different style. I am looking to reproduce the boxes in many different styles. The box I’m printing for this tri is a hipster box, the style of it will be very vintage. This is to enforce my brand and how I am able to do many different things and styles. For example, upon opening the complete inside of the box will change if it was an icon styled box. I will update the blog with packaging upon completion.





To conclude this blog, I will say that I’m quite pleased with my new logo. It looks very nice, and everything about it seems to scream my name. The monochrome logo looks really interesting on my instagram and facebook.


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