Studio 3 – Usability testing


In class we were asked to do usability testing for our project. This is to better the brand and develop it to a refined piece. I did mine on google docs because its a lot more convenient for people to do their questions without going out of the way and spending about 20 minutes. Google docs is quick and takes around 5 minutes depending on how much depth you go in.

Usability testing is often used with web design or mobile design, where you will get many users to test the use of the app/website directed towards the user (as thats what its for) and fix many bugs within it. It’s like a beta release of a game.


My Questions

Q1: First Impressions of the brand?


Q2: Do you like/dislike the logo? Why?

Q3: What do you think the target market is for stamina?

Q4:Does the line element work effectively? Why?

Q5: Does the use of retro-modern (art deco) involve a unique feeling for an energy drink brand?

Q6: What is unique about Stamina? Explain your answer

Q7: Would you purchase any of the beverages for self improvement, thirst, or boosts? Why?

Q8: What do you think of the typography?

Q9: Would you purchase Stamina merchandise if there were any? If so/not why?

Q10: Do the characters concept work for the Bottlecaps / collateral? Why?

Q11: Are the colours chosen suitable for energy drinks?




Question 1:
80% of people were immediately interested in the brand

Question 2: 100%
of people were in love with the design of the logo

Question 3: 20%
say people with Interest in energy drinks/competitors
80% say approx age is 12-30

Question 4: 90%
Say the line element is good and is effective for engagement

Question 5: 100% say it brings a new take to the energy drink world and includes more appeal.

Question 6:
50% say the style of the brand
30% say they enjoy the video game feeling integrated in real life
10% say it is a show off brand. Has a ‘look at me’ feeling
10% say it is a brand thats for everybody. Gamers, high class, normal people, geeks, etc.

Question 8: 100% of people love the typography

Question 9: 90% would purchase Merchandise from the company

Question 10: 100% of people love the characters visualising boost effects

Question 11: 100% of people enjoy the colours and believe they are suitable


Answer my questions here for usability if you want to help out!




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