Studio 3 -Sustainability

What is sustainability?

In simple terms, sustainability is all about saving the planet, saving resources, saving money, etc. For graphic design/Web, sustainability is the idea of saving products, paper, ink,  printing costs, energy, internet use, etc.

As designers we need to be able to save companies, and ourselves money. This can be done simply by using the correct paper side when printing, adding as many prints on the paper as possible (when printing flyers or something).

This sustainability is so that you can make the environment better for future generations. You can even find certain companies/business using sustainable paper and printing methods to save money and make the environment a better place for future generations.

There are many practices and businesses that do this. Find many here:,au

This blog will discuss how I use sustainability within my project.

You can find more sustainability informative articles here:

Sustainability in my project

Because stamina is such a premium brand, it could be hard to be sustainable with the brand. It uses a LOT of black, and has expenses which are high in order to create great looking premium products. A high class style and theme. What I have been doing as of lately is using recycled paper on my prints.

This is because (as i’ve been told) by my printers that it does work cheaper for me. It also has quite a nice look. I have also been using it for many of the papers I have in my project.

I am using glass bottles for the project which can be recycled and often recycled by many people. They can then be recycled and turned into new bottles creating an infinite process. They can be heavy with transportation though compared to aluminium or plastic bottles.

All printing costs would be reduced to using recycled paper.


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