Studio 3 – Stamina Typographic Research

Final Logo

This is the final logo for the Stamina energy brand. You may think it was easy to get to this outcome, but however you are dead wrong. It took a lot of typographic research for me to be able to get this perfected logo. I was really annoyed when making it because nothing was working. No fonts worked at all.


The process of getting there (typographic research)

I played around with many fonts in the logo, almost none worked. Here are some previews of my illustrator files. As you can see here, these are all the twisted tests of the fonts in the logo. None of them worked at all. This is a screencap of my illustrator. There are about 10,000 more.


After none of these worked, I had to think about how it would work. The reason the one i have now works is because it fills in the cut out areas of the heart, and has closure. It also has a non distracting, all caps and thin style to it. Which would not detract from the illustrative logo.

Logo preview.jpg

Im glad I fixed it, because I’m quite happy with this logo. Although I would’ve loved to see the other logo concepts I made into action as well!



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