Studio 3 (Side project 7)- INTOXICATION Album cover process

Pitch to audio students

So kalebh and I wanted to work on an EP cover for the audio students for our side project. We heard their idea in class and we enjoyed it and thought it would be a good opportunity to create some awesome work (Well I certainly did).

their idea was to have different covers for each song. I loved that because I had an idea which was to take macro photos and super impose them into their faces.

We had a meeting with them and we talked about different ideas and they were totally up for that idea (the one we suggested). Kalebh and i had a test idea we wanted to do as well. This was with a painting/spray paint method. We were to be marbelising paint and doing the same thing as the macros but with these paints. They were up for that too.

They even wanted to come in and watch us take the macros while we did their portraits.

The fun begins

A few days before we booked the studio. Kalebh came over to my house and we started to do this marbleizing stuff. At first we didn’t have any idea what we were doing we began to test it out just because yolo. We had safety masks too so we were prepared.


So our first dip was successful. We didn’t want to stain our hands either so we used gloves. The first outcome was on shitty paper too, so it worked alright.



We were dipping paint for hours, we ended up having to work in the night. After it all we wanted to have fun with the stuff. We waited for some of it to dry to see what happened, then we put the stick within it and it was actually gross. the coat had hardened upon the surface like an oil spill and you put the stick in and it all built up into a sort of snotball.

Paint 2.jpg

We then wanted to dip a business card in there, so we dipped one in. It was mine though.

paint 3.jpg

Paint 4.jpg

The outcome was unique as



The second fun/Photography

So the day finally came where we did our portraits and we had to miss out on ciu unfortunately. I feel bad missing classes when I have important work to do, but it’s all for the good of the projects I guess.

We had to set up the lights, had some issues with that. The issue was film students stole all the stands for the lights so we had to go back and get more.

All three of them came in and the pressure was on. I feel pressure when i take photography and its very hard. Everyone thinks its easy, its really not.

If you think its just picking up a camera and snapping, you are dead wrong. So much to think about, so much pressure, so much hard work.

Xavier temp.jpg

So we took the portraits, moved on to taking paint images (not wet but the dry ones from the other day), as well as the macro shots.


Macro shots

These were tests, we wanted to add them in their heads but we weren’t sure how it would work. It was good to try anyway. Got some sharp images with the big macro.


Album outcome

So after the photos were taken – kalebh and I discussed various working and editing styles to do. I was to edit the photos as i was the photographer and kalebh was to help with the album editing and modernization.

We have a facebook group chat where all of us discuss the ideas together. Their name for the group was ‘LXD.’  and the idea of their album was to have something which was quite tripp and drug-style. Good for me, as I absolutely love drug style stuff. I love themed works. especially high-style things.

So that meant we had to make our idea better. We had to change it to just use the liquid marble on the paper.

The plan was to make:

  • Album cover for each song
  • Name the album
  • Create a banner for FB, Soundcloud, twitter, etc


Album cover for each song

banner image.jpg

These are the album covers, they are imposed together for ease of upload. The concept behind this was to create interest and stories within the album cover. I for one, am a love of visual stories and almost all of my art, work, designs have an interesting creative story within them. The story for this is – The introduction into a bad trip.

I used the name of the EP ‘INTOXICATION’ Split up into 3. Each represents the song

INTO – Introduction into the high everything is vivid and beautiful, blue.
XICA – Trip is starting to wear down, turning murky, muddy, a warning
TION – Green, the trip has been reborn into the bad trip. Mixing blue and yellow to create this vivid swamp-green.


The banner is slightly different to the albums, but it keeps interest and consistency within the albums. It will make it a bit more fun rather than the same images coming through.





I loved working on this, ever since i heard their pitch I wanted to do it. Im very happy with the look, and they are also happy too.

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