Studio 3 – Kyra Kenja


A couple of weeks ago we were asked to create logos for a company called ‘Kyra and Kenja.’ Kyra and Kenja is a bag company which deals in the selling of designer bags. Much like myer they have a very fancy style of design. A sleek and modern feeling which is totally my style. The owner/executive came in to pitch to us various ideas about the brand and the progression of the business. The other businesses he owns and his goals. pretty much marketing stuff and all that.

We then all had to make 3 seperate logos for the Kyra and Kenja. Make a presentation and pitch it to him. Whoever he likes best, gets to work with him on the brand and progress it. Congrats to Debs for that one. I will show my logos and designs I used for the presentation and explain them briefly!


Concept 1

The first concept is my favourite one. I wanted to make it repetitive and use gestalt theory to fill in the words. It is so beautiful and modern. I thought this one would wow him into choosing it.

Logo 1.jpg


Concept 2

Concept 2 is something that I wanted to have a nice ability for marketing with. This one involves two opposite personalities of K’s. That was the concept. Having two personalities. Kyra, and Kenja. These two could have limitless possibilities especially on a website.


Concept 3

Concept 3 is a logo much like the second concept, but a more old-new style. It incorporates serif type into a modern style. Marketing would be similar to the second concept as well.




This was an idea for a website/book/marketing material.





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