Studio 3 (side project 8) – Company Rebrand


A week or so ago I was asked for a meeting from someone I got referred to from a company I’m working on. This man asked to have a meeting with me to rebrand his brand identity.

I was definitely up for it because you can never get enough paid work as a student.

This rebranding was for the company, which I will leave un-named due to privacy and business reasons of the brand. The brand is a growing brand of fitness is what I will tell you.

I arranged it but he was really busy and the only day he could do it was Thursday and I didn’t want to miss out on it. So I had to skip a uni day for it. I end up having to skip uni a lot even though I don’t want to because of important business things.

I asked him various questions about his brand goals, target audience, etc. He answered in A relaxed style. Which was better to chill things out.but that meant I had to send him an email later on to make sure I got it all correctly.

I sent him some inspiration with that email of what I can do for him. I said he should be trying to keep a personal luxury brand style as it is personal training/fitness.



All inspiration can be found on my pinterest board: Thank you



Overall I’m excited to start working on this. I love helping brands get bigger. I love marketing them with new ways and unique ways.


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