Studio 3 – Brand Engagement

New ideas?

For class in studio3 with the main projects we are doing, we have to create a concept for brand engagement. I previously discussed this, and I have changed my idea since then. I previously had an art creation idea, but I made something that In my opinion could involve quite a few people and encourage them to recycle/collect the companies bottlecaps.



Fully Capped

This new concept I have created I will copy and paste below:

Get a chance to win over $15,000 worth in prizes – With Stamina!
There are hundreds of special caps with a selected win inside. Just pop the top off of your Stamina Energy drink and look underneath to see if you are one of the winners.

Enter your winning code online at

Make sure to keep your caps too. Showcase all of your caps with the‪#‎Fully_Capped‬ hashtag for a chance to win a special prize with worth of over $250! 3 winners will be chosen and 2 runners up will also be selected.

Collect as many caps as you can!


This promotion is much like those monopoly ones that mcdonald’s did that one time. That one was pretty big. Man, I admit I kept coming back to try and win quite a lot. I gained a few kilos too.

Besides the point, this was my concept. It would be a startup concept once the brand would be more established and I believe it could have a chance to skyrocket the brand and make people more familiar with the bottlecaps and brand.



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