Oblivion Album Cover (side project4)


Well this week has been a lot for me. I have been doing a lot of work and been keeping really busy. You would expect that wouldn’t you? You’d expect that from Isaac. Isaac stays busy. Always.

Anyway, this blog is to explain about the EP cover I’ve been working on. I’ve been helping this guy for a while, (Felan). We’ve been design acquaintances for a bit. I did 2 other covers for him and I’m constantly improving so it works out better for him. This time I suggested to do photography for him and his new album, and that’s what I did.

I did test manipulation and such the other week (seek last blog) and I also explained his album idea (last blog again).


Portrait Photography

So after hearing about his idea I did the testing and placed it on to the idea tray. I then booked the studio and brought my camera and my many lenses to take some photography of him.

The photography more or less was quite straight forward. Portraits, back-shots, side-portraits, lighting, reflector, etc. I did the portraits first because I needed to get them done to experiment on other stuff.




So I got a couple of good portraits and they all worked proper most of the time. The Elinchrom kit kept failing at times though and it was quite awkward, because the flash wouldn’t go off. I fixed it later on. I ended up with a lot of black images too because of that problem.


Experimental Photography

After taking portraits I went on to taking my experimental photos. I got to play around with lighting and it’s always great to do that because I can improve myself in a real studio. Experiment: Here are some of the shots I took. I loved them all, they were my favourite. More so than the portraits. I like to implement my style within my creations. I create quite dark, modern things. I have a weird style, but that’s what makes me unique.




Album cover

So with the photography done (heads up to the girlfriend, Jasmine for helping me with the setting up and lighting) i was to edit the photos. This is my favourite part of photos. You can change so much and make it look so much better colour wise. I love manipulating the viewers perception of imagery.

I wanted to make this first cover feel like he was lost in the forest, so i chose the best portrait and worked on the colour and lighting to make it great tone wise.
I made it very underexposed while taking as I was intending to edit this photo as a whole for the cover.

cover 2.jpg

Then I began the double exposure,which took a while because I had to get a correctly exposed image that suited the lighting I used. I played with lighting and background tones a bit to help it pop more also.




This is the one I had trouble editing because it was so new to me. I did multiple things and many exposures did not work in the image. I did the best image and made it darker. Added gradients, filled stuff etc.




Felan’s Reaction

His reaction to these was amazing. He loved them both. He loved the portrait one better, and I think it was a good  choice because it does suit his theme more. The other one was a bit dark, but he did choose the name oblivion, so that’s what I expected. Overall I liked it. I need to do more photography and album covers as I want to get better and better.


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