Studio 3 – Stamina Update


So from this very stressing and busy weeks remaining and past tense working, I’ve remained calm. I have been working my best and trying to get many projects to get the best grade I can. I am using this blog to update on the latest things I have created at the moment.
I have further refined my brand and slightly tweaked it to fit my audience and make it a bit better. I have added even further elements that compliment the logo, as well as vertical/horizontal lines that compliment it. I want it to be recognisable so by even just seeing lines like that you will know. The colour scheme also screams the brand. It will be bigger than coke.

Page 3.jpg

Labels & Bottlecaps

So from this very stressing and busy weeks remaining and past tense working, I’ve remained calm. I have been working my best and trying to get many projects to get the best grade I can. I am using this blog to update on the latest things I have created at the moment. The most important thing i created is the labels for my bottles. I had to order them from america, which was expensive – BUT it was the only option I had for quality labels.

Unlike beer, my drink is an energy drink and I have to use beer bottles and beer shapes to create mine. This is because it is an old-style company. Supposed to remain in the old days.



Now I love my bottle packaging so much, its very striking and looks so premium. Which is the look and intent I was going for. I want this brand to be very premium, but a price thats affordable for everybody. A price that is in the area everyone can afford and is somewhat like a treat when someone wants to treat themselves – They buy my product.

Page 10.jpg

The bottlecaps involve the characters i’ve designed for each flavour. These characters serve as a viewpoint of what will happen to your mind after drinking. Giving you a confidence/ego, but  a different version for each drink. You decide what you want to be. Drink Stamina for your boost of confidence and energy!

This brings me to my next point, the characters.


Character design

I spent some time researching character designs, and I searched far and wide until i came to a conclusion of what I wanted. I wanted the characters to represent capitalism, much like the monopoly, Vault Boy, adventure capitalist characters. I designed my characters with that in mind as supply and demand is capitalism is the foundation of this great company.


Shock ValueShock Value

These characters are a more.. Modernised version of the capitalist illustrations you see, and have a weird twist – which is the effect of what happens after drinking in your mind. Now it may look bad, but its an exaggeration of what happens. Anyway, the yellow character is the main character for these illustrations. As GOLD is the stamina original colour and it is to be only gold for most collateral.

Cherry BombCherry bomb

Stone ColdStone Cold

Spaced OutSpaced Out



Business cards

Now I’ve got a great design for the business cards, but I’m not sure how I want to die-cut them. I cant actually afford them to buy because it would cost over 500$. I asked Heli, and she told me to just make a prototype of it, as it is the cheapest option and thats what I will do.

Page 2

The thing with die cut, is that i dont want to go overboard on them. Thats the thing with design, if you go over the top you look amateur.

You have to make it the right amount of weirdness/obscurity and thats how you make yourself look strong. That is how I’ve gotten all my side projects far. But thats beside from the point.

I might just do an infringement on the size of the card, or even just cut the sides to make them have a nouveau feeling – without destroying the information.



This seems to be a large blog, right? it’s almost done, right? WRONG. I have other stuff to talk about.

The collateral is pretty much done for this project. I have actually custom designed an envelope for the brand which is absolutely beautiful. It’s a die cut envelope, custom shaped at the back. I made a white and a black letterhead for ease of use. This is so we can have cheap and premium options. Premium is the goal.

Page 5.jpg

Page 4.jpg

The envelope is something I made for the packaging, so we will skip to the next heading right now.



Now because packaging is quite boring, I will show visual packages i’ve just quickly done in photoshop so this blog becomes less boring.

My envelope design which was custom is customly cut with illustrator. I had a pretty pattern in mind and I envision it being cardboard/premium heavy paper for important stuff- but less important would be just standard premium light. The pattern was the art nouveau-ish back flap.

Envelope Design.jpg

I am using the lines to make my brand very noticeable. I want to ram this down everyones throats so they can know straight away. A very good marketing strategy for this is to just keep advertising with  the famous yellow lines on black bg, etc. This would continually make my brand very recognisable and hopefully over the years it would be a successful brand.


The BOX package I want to do is a sort of Wine-box style with 4 energy drinks and a brochure to explain disclaimers, health benefits, flavours, science, and just make purchasers feel premium upon buying.

Page 11.jpg

Along with the packaging, I will be having a holder for the bottles. The main use for this is to pull it out of the package. It can be carried around too, but It’d be better if people just used it to pull out. I am going to get these printed, but I cant get them the correct GSM i was hoping for initially as the printer only prints max 400gsm. The holder for the bottles is supposed to be cardboard, so in this case… Try not to carry around the bottles too much, okay.


This is the kind of thing I want to go for, but have 2 on each side creating 4 in total and it is a singular holder. So this is why I want it to be a cardboard because it is being held by the bottle cap with flaps.



So to finalise this blog, I will say that i have lessened my workload but i have to do lots still. I have created the packaging for almost everything except the box itself. I still need to work dimensions out and i should have it done by today, and will be printing next week.


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