Studio 3 – Stamina Personas


For our project in studio 3 we had to create personas which represent our target audience for this project. i have made mine absolutely beautiful much like a resume. These personas are easy to read and can be accessed at any time. There are 3 in total.

I will be uploading them here and discussing why I have done so.


Persona 1

The first Persona represents someone who is quite geeky and works in middle-lower class jobs. He is a person who doesnt have much confidence in himself. He is somebody who enjoys gaming as well. The reason I chose this person was because gamers love energy drinks, and they would love the concept of this drink and the effects as well.

Persona 1.jpg


Persona 2

Persona 2 is one that represents me. This is supposed to be me. A student with minimal wage, and one that has great passion. An artist, a fan of the old ways. This person is completely technical and young. It is basically me. A very confident person in their own work and beliefs. Wanting to be the best so that they can grow themselves.

Persona 2.jpg


Persona 3

This is persona 3. Persona 3 is someone who likes to purchase premium quality gear. He is a high quality and class man who is confident and is always looking to improve himself. I am targeting a whole array of people.

Persona 3


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