Studio 3 – Racism posters (side project 6)


Last trimester I did an assignment for CIU. This assignment was to come up with something which was related to the weekly topics. I chose to do the race, ethnics thing. This was woking with Kalebh, and we did a really good job I think. So much so that Elham told us to contact the company we ‘fake/spec’ sponsored with. I sent them a message and they really loved our concept. They said it was strong and they would definitely use it.



The behance project was well loved by the community. it got around 450 views and 30 likes, and it keeps growing ever since I uploaded it.


Visit the project here:

SK1N DEEP – Racism Campaign




I will be creating more as I continue through the final weeks. They told me to try not to leave any race out, as it should be equally equal. I will be working on those with kalebh hopefully if he’s up for it.





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