Studio 3 (side project4) – Oblivion EP cover


So for this project, I haven’t started but I will be doing more work on it and will be taking the photos on wednesday at 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Which is when I hired the studio and elinchrom kit for photography. Photography is something I love to do, and im good at it too.


EP idea

Felan, the EP client – Has given me the concept and told me various things he wanted. I will copy and paste what he said to me now, so I can give an overview of what he wants. he also told me we can be creative and do what we want with it.

There’s six songs on the EP, three electronic and three acoustic. The name of the EP is “Oblivion” after the second track on it.

the three songs are the same just produced in a different genre.

I’m going for a natural acoustic vs. electronic kinda thing.

SO that is his concept and its a damn good concept at that. He also gave me some songs to listen to and it was like heaven to my ears.


Concept testing

So now that i’ve gotten his idea I wanted to do some testing for the photography and editing style of the image. I took a quick snap of my father in the position I wanted him, changes some lighting in my house and made the image a double exposure, as i think x2 exposure would be the best option for this album cover.

Now it looks like he’s going to walk into OBLIVION (if the door was open, but i was too lazy to do so) and the background image would have natural and electric currents surrounding him, just like this image. It is nature, and looks like currents inside his body and it also resembles an angel sort of? So this could also be another supporting element of the name of the cover. An angel travelling to Oblivion.


I will be taking some photos on wednesday.


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