Studio 3 (Side project3)- Games students Update


As you may already know, Jasmine and I are working on the Bloop Boop project for the games students. We have done other parts of work, such as the UI and layout. Which we thought was awesome and fun. Now we have moved on from that. THe games students did not use our correct layout that we designed (they tweaked it), but we cant stop them from not using it, its their game.

After we did this, they asked us to design them some ‘bloops’ as the person who was originally doing it had their computer wiped and broken. So that has put me behind schedule for a bit and stressed me out as we had a deadline on thursday morning.It’s okay because we sorted it. Anyway – BLOOPS




What are BLOOPS? Bloops are the main characters of the game bloop boop. You can purchase different bloops and they have different powers. These bloops are made of paint and is the thing you push across the map. Jasmine and I designed them with flat design. We had made different concepts but we made the final ones great. We have shadows too. So here is all of them.

Bloops Index.jpg



Background Elements

We were asked to do various doodles and such for the background elements of the canvas bg for bloop boop. jasmine and i worked till 2am making different strokes and such in illustrator/photoshop.

Strokes 40.png



I made a logo for the bloop boop game which is modern but works really well with the paint style of the game. I think it can be any of the paint colours for the game. it has a circle that is also the same as the circle in the second Boop. Without the circle thats paint-y it would say “blop Bop.”

logoBloop logo




For the poster I have just made a tester so I can see if Joel (the manager of the game). This was a zoom up on the main bloop of the game with flat design elements coming from the back of his head/coming out of it. We can be creative with him and he can tel us what to do. but we need to make it really good so in a marketing POV it looks amazing.

I talked to him about half an hour ago and said that we could have a special ‘Bloop’ you get when signing up with the poster/link online. That users get when signing up, and its a limited edition bloop.





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