Studio 3 – Budget and Schedule


This is a blog to showcase my budget and schedule. In this blog I will discuss my budget and how it is used and how my schedule is used with my project plan.



The budget is something that is forged from beginning. It has my income, my printing costs, and the advertising costs. The grand total is a lot of money. I just realized that as a designer you have to do a lot of things. For now, i haven’t finished my packaging costs, but i will get around to it when enquiring with a packaging company. I have done a lot more costs for printing as this is to start the company off.





For my schedule I have been using wunderlist. Wunderlist is the greatest thing ive ever seen, as it is basically a to do list. This list is easy to use and it works wonders. Or should i say WUNDERS. Anyway, i always use to do lists and this is the best. i have multiple lists for ticking off. i have a lot of work, but for this blog I will just show the studio 3 workload at the moment.

schedule 1schedule 2schedule 3




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