Studio 3 (sideproject3)- Games project

Bloop Bloop

The game Jasmine and I are working on at the moment is called ‘bloop bloop.’ We chose these guys because we loved the game idea. The game is sort of like doodle jump but you have to swipe your path. I wish I could show gameplay on this blog, but I am unable to do so; So i will copy and paste the overview they have on their document in the drive:

Bloop boop is a 2d side on arcade style game, the player’s goal is to get a high a score as possible or to complete the level. The player does this by controlling a ball with physics based interactions, the player places down platforms by swiping in the direction they wish. They must then attempt to avoid obstacles and collect powerups and coins to upgrade their ball or “bloop”.


UI Layouts

For this game, we must design all the UI, layouts, backgrounds etc. We cant have much control with creation as the game is theirs, and we must follow their guidelines and style. While following the style, it is quite interesting to work with games students to get a final approach. We have done all the Layouts at the moment, but still need to work on the background elements.

At the end of the trimester, we get to get it installed on our phones and see our designs. Exciting.




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