Studio 3 – Die cutting

Die cutting

For those unaware, die cutting is the process of cutting different shapes out of prints. It is a very expensive process, as i’ve found. I’ve looked it up and got quoted, and it would cost around $250 for one mould on a business card size.

back to the point; in die cutting for print, you can make various shapes from a piece of paper or any printed material from this. You can make shapes such as hearts, etc and they will all be consistent because of the mould.

In this blog i will look at 3 different die cuts i find interesting and creative. This blog is to show you the fun of die cutting!


Die cut 1

Poise has made a retro take at the die cutting. simple cut, but a very new and interesting take on it. I want to have something similar to this with my business cards for my current assignment !


Die cut 2

Konstruct has made a simplistic die cut within their business cards to create an interesting consistent design piece. The hammer out of the logo has been cut out, and the sides of the business card.



Die cut 3

This one is a multi-textured and die cut design. Now i absolutely love this one, and this was the one i got a quote about. To make the cut for something like this. it was a very expensive procedure, so i couldn’t actually do it. On the main point, this one is very professional and high class.



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