Studio 3 – Packaging

Why do we need packaging? whats it for

packaging is something that I don’t think will die out, as it is essential to our daily lives. We need food, drinks, consumables; We are the consumers, we are made to consume – and with that being said, we as designers need to make the appropriate artwork for those packages and consumables for the consumer to consume and purchase. Packages must differentiate from others and be unique, draw the eye, as well as suit the style of the brand or feel that you want to go for.

In this blog, I will be looking at all the packaging designs that i find interesting – and some that relate to my project so that I can pin point a perfect design for my project.



Molocow Concept Milk Package

Molocow is a drink that has been made by various designers, and the intent was to create a bottle that looked like it was abducting a cow. I love it so much, which is why i included it in this blog. It works excellently and makes me want to buy it.




This one is a concept which was intended to make the bottle look like a mortar or bomb. very interesting packaging for bottle- especialy the fins near the lid. Definitely gives it a violent vodka feeling.




Here is a classic die cut example, where they’ve creatively cut the area so the product looks like a certain thing. Very creative.



FISJ  – SARDINES (Concept)

This is one of my favourite covers ive seen for a package. I love sleeve design like this, i feel they are very appealing and professional.





A drink bottler where it has an amazing illustration for the package, as well as the intriguing shape for the package. It gives it a unique feeling.



Swing microbrewery

A vintage approach on bottle design. Modern, sleek, but unique. The wrap makes it feel old and worn out, which is a new trend lately.



Kraken ceramix

This one got me looking because of the shape and name of the product. I love how it implements the octopus shape within it and the handle design. I would definitely pick this one up.



Superior vodka

This package uses a coating over the top of it. It also uses an interesting black and gold technique. I love black and gold things so much, this one would definitely stand out to me. I believe a foiling has been used over the package as well.



SKØLL MØUMOÜTE – Limited Edition Winter Bottle

This one has a nordic feeling to it, by the use of fur and terms, as well as the icon above the type. This one might cost more than other to produce, as it implements a fur design in it, but with the right audience it would definitely sell.




‘Samurai.’ I don’t really need to explain this one, but what it does have is a slicing feeling within it. The package is sliced, and the bottle seems to resemble being sliced as well. The box has an interesting embossed pattern as well using consecutive elements. I love these sleek looks.



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