Studio 3 – Tagline and styles


The tagging for my company had to be related to hearts in some way and in an energy related way, to keep that -drink this and you get the power style- I had many, but I wanted to keep it in an old 20-30s advertisement or slogan style.

I finalised the slogan by having the words “have a change of heart” and have the words “heart” in bold and in the colour of the specific flavour. I think this is a good stand point for the design and it works well. The only problem with it is that It sort of sounds like heart attack or diabetes. But change of heart can be known to be a change of decision. In my case it is known to be providing a power or strength.



As I’m fitting with an old era/retro style, I’m going to have to make all my collateral similar to that of which it is. I have looked at various designs and came to a conclusion of it. I will place inspiration below: (all rights reserved to owners. All designs can be found on my pinterest page). I want to mix old and modern. Create something new, something that hasn’t been done for the overused ‘retro’ before. I want to come to a new conclusion.

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