Studio 3 – logos


In the last week a lot happened. I did a presentation, did multiple logos, tested out various things and failed a lot. (I’m going to separate these into different blogs)

The first thing I’m gonna discuss is how my presentation went for the class. I did the presentation pitch for my logo and It went okay, but the only issue was that I had one logo.

Heli told me to do a couple more and I’m actually glad she told me that, because I would have never gotten my newest logo idea which I kind of love. The variations and names that I have are here



This logo is the one I showed to all of the class. Now I did love this logo, because it worked really well with the words (spelt like that for a reason) Elixr.


I had various ideas which would be an animated version where it twisted and turned. It was based off a compass. All of the logos are to be coloured differently with each flavour and placed within the bottle design.

However, this logo did not work inside the bottle from afar. It was a bit too small for it.



This is the second logo I made after messing around with the first design. This one I felt was good too, but I rushed it in the beginning.


Usually in the olden age, they had a lot of stamp logos – and that’s the effect I wanted with this design. Although it was cool, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first – so I made a final one.


This is the final one that I made for my logos. I felt with this one I wanted to have something from both of my designs, and I wanted to keep the heart idea I had originally. That was strong. As well as the icon lines and circles, I thought they would work well with them. I illustrated the first logo roughly to get my idea,then I brought all 3 back to class and Heli enjoyed that one just as much as me.

Stamina Variation.jpg

After Heli gave me the green light, I went on and refined the heart further. I didn’t like how rough it looked and I wanted to make it a bit more like my other logos. i wanted to be able to use the icon style within it, if i couldn’t do the illustrations properly.

A heart image by isaac ibbot.jpg

After editing and refining in photoshop and illustrator I came to this point which i stopped. I wanted to have a key characteristic in it that linked to soda pop or energy. So what I did amazed me even though i created it and was progressing haha.

Stamina with tagline.jpg

I finalised the design once more, but after some thinking. I made the rectangles closer together to give it a bit more of shape.


Im not sure which one i like more though, big lines with big spaces or small lines


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