Studio 3 – copywriting


copywriting is the process of creating marketing materials, such as slogans, taglines, advertising writing for various companies. They are responsible for the text involved in most advertising, brochures, flyers, etc.

In class today, we looked at various copy writing videos and advertisements. We looked at how the copywriters jobs changed and how the word copywriter/job changed into more or so marketing. Copy writing has changed through the years.



Home Sweet Home

This is an advertisement by “mozart” company I believe. It percieves to be an advertisement based upon the luxury of a car, and the comforts of the interior design and formatting of the car. The car is shown to have all of the comforts of home, with the copy “home sweet home.” stating that this car is like home, or just as good as home.

This one works great. I love the design and manipulation of the cars interior, as well as the added dog on the outside. The ad works excellently, even if it may not be an official advertisement.


Every 60 seconds a species dies out

This ad is another one that struck me deeply. It features a strong tagline “every 60 seconds a species dies out.”

The manipulation speaks more than the copy, but the copy is needed to make the advertisement. The bear is struggling to hold back the clock from striking ’60 seconds’, – endangerment.

The hands of the clock point at the copy, making you read it after seeing the image. It makes you understand the complete image as one after looking and you understand why the bear was trapped inside the clock hands.




I haven’t seen many Listerine advertisement, but this one works the best out of all the three. My favorite kind of advertisements are the ads that link together in harmony. The trio of marketing – Image, copy, and brand.

The ad features directing elements within it (the pen) which points straight to the tag and the brand, then directing you back to the image again. The use of strong and dirty/vibrant foods as well as motifs that keep you staring work well with the listerine ad. It makes you feel like your teeth are needing to be cleaned.



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