Studio 3 – Brand Engagement

What is brand engagement?

What is brand engagement? Brand engagement is something that brands and marketing with brands do to create engagement with their product, increase the brand income, and make the brand more recognizable brand identity.

Brand engagement involves the community, the fans, and the buyers. By doing this, a surprisingly large amount of people involve them self in the campaign. The main use for brand engagement is social media, and is the cheapest and most effective way to involve fans.

Building brand engagement uses 4 simple key points in order to have a successful campaign – according to on their research on building brand engagement.

1. Connecting

2. Communicating

3. Engaging

4. Sharing

5. Advocating


Who’s done it?

Many brands have done brand engagement on social media and other lively platforms. The most simplest example I can find that explains it is when Gatorade did a snap-chat filter that pours the Gatorade over your head for a sports event – the super bowl.

(snap-chat filters are something that can be activated with the app on the cameras selfie mode. The filter distorts or changes your face, for example making you have dog ears or puking rainbows)

The company tweeted a snap-chat filter example, and the GIF was view over a hundred million times.



My campaign

For my brand, which is energy drinks. I want to do something that is related to art (as the packaging for the energy drink will have illustrations over them). I was inspired by the Wacom instagram ‘Next Level” Campaign, where entrees will submit their art while tagging @wacomanz and  @justanotheragency as well as tagging #wacomnextlevel.

My concept was to do something very similar, where the fans, entrees will submit a refined concept for a potential flavour of a new energy drink. The winner will receive their concept created and shipped as a new flavour for the company. A limited edition flavour. As well as a box of goodies for helping the company out. T-shirt with their design, All flavours of bottles

Runners up will recieve their designs printed on a bottle which will be sent to them directly.



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