Social Media Campaigns


Social media is ever evolving and the print side of advertisement is starting to fade away. So brands have taken opportunity to take advantage of this and use the fast paced internet to display their brand to their community and expand the company more.

Here are some examples of social media campaigns that i believe really worked.


“Snickers bars get cheaper the angrier the internet gets.”
Snickers has done a social media campaign where the angrier that the internet gets, the cheaper snickers bars get. They developed a ‘hungerithm’, which monitors the tweets of twitter, and the anger levels.

It scans 100,000 posts weekly and updates the price 144 times a day, says

The price can go down to around 80%, but it is only available in 7/11 stores.



The fast food brand worked with a creative animation agency and game development company to create a short animated film on the organics of chipotle.

They wanted to say in the video that even though everything is manufactured in big factories, the organics of chipotle were still present and pushing through. It involves an interactive game to play on android and ios devices as well.




In this social campaign Go pro has a very heart touching video that effects us emotionally. The video inherits a fireman with a gopro on his head, saving a kitten in a housefire.

The kitten is found on the floor, and has a cute ending with the fireman saving the kitten and bringing it back to meow once again.

It makes my heart warm to see this, and I loved it.


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