Studio 3 – A new (big) project


After arriving to uni for the first week, we were greeted with a new project to work on this trimester. This project is the 1/1 of this trimester (basically we are only doing 1 this tri). I think this is better than having lots, and it makes me a bit more relaxed.

The brief is that we are creating a Spec company of our choosing; – the content can be anything we choose. So for example, we can do a company based on creating lightbulbs. The lecturers are starting to let us go our own way and sort of become a mentor for us on projects, and I kind of like it.

We are to do all the designs and collateral for this project, as well as contacting film students/animation to create a video for the business. We are also required to create packaging, so that we can fill out all L.O’s.


My Brand/company

My idea is that I’m going to be doing a brand for an energy drink company. I’m planning to take a more traditional approach by having glass bottles as the main demographic/collateral for the drinks. Cans will also be provided, but the main priority would be glass bottles.

The style would either consist of icon-style/illustrative style (I haven’t gotten up to that point yet in illustrating, i’m just doing the logo). The packaging design for the bottle will represent vintage alcohol bottle designs from 1880s-1912s, but with a more modern and energy drink twist.



The Concept

The concept was inspired by BIOSHOCK INFINITES VIGOR drinks. I loved this game, and I especially loved that they had these well designed drinks that give people limited powers after ingesting. I got the idea after remembering it, and I thought that maybe i could implement something similar in my concept for the designs/illustrations.

In bioshock, the drinks are separated by their bottle design/icon. These designs have the power within them, and have amazing cutscenes after ingesting. My favourite vigor is the undertow vigor. The design of the bottle is phenomenal. After drinking it, the player gets the ability to use a water burst from their hand.

This games vigors were the main inspiration for the concept. The other inspiration I derived were from the illustrations for ‘ballistic Brewing.’

Ballistic brewing has different illustrations and animals to represent their flavour, and this is something I also want to mix into my energy drink- Having animals with  the power involvement. They have very interesting names for the flavours as well, such as ‘ground pup.’




In order to create the logo, I have to understand how my packaging will work. The sticker on the bottle will have to be designed or sketched beforehand so that I can do the logo and see how it will be placed upon it. I will have to induce research on the packaging and designs of the old age, especially of the alcoholic and glass grade as well so that I can get a better understanding.



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