Studio 3 – USP

Unique Selling Point

USP stands for ‘Unique Selling point.’ A unique selling point is something a brand beholds within their brand. A USP is much like a slogan, in fact – it is something that differentiates their brand from other brands, and is used to attract more customers towards them.

In this blog, I will be discussing the slogan side of the brands. I will be displaying ones from Australia that are



Recognizable USP’s


It is best to have quite a catchy, or recognizable and strong USP, as it gets stuck inside the head of your audience. AAMI does this quite well with its –

“Lucky you’re with AAMI”


Aeroplane Jelly

“I like Aeroplane Jelly”

Here is an example of the old advertisement for aeroplane jelly. The slogan remains the same, i believe?



World Series Cricket

“C’mon Aussie c’mon on”



“Calling all creatives”

logo (3).jpg



“Aussie kids are Weetbix kids”

“How many do you do?”


Hungry Jacks

The burgers are better





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