Studio 3 – Prank advertising


Watch dogs campaign

in this advertising campaign for watch dogs, the main concept of the game is used within the advertisement in the form of a prank. The use of the computer/mobile to modify the environment is seen when the victim enters the establishment.

This was a form of advertisement which was purely based on social media platforms such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. I think it was an okay advertisement campaign, but couldve been more effective if it was produced better. Not many people knew about this campaign.


Airport prank

Nivea wanted to push their stress relief product by using the form of a prankvetisement and put people under a huge amount of stress.

This one is quite a funny one, and would be extremely scary if it were to happen to anyone. The use of irony with the stress and the product worked quite well at the end of the advertisement. It worked quite well and gave me the humor of the day.


Hungry Bear prank

The prank advert was found to be with a very hungry bear in the city. A bear going on a complete rampage looking for food. The advertisement was for yogurt, but i wasn’t aware of that from the beginning, so it was a surprise when i saw the final frame. It mixes the small 5 second scare, and mixes cute and quirky values in the ad to lighten up and add cute humor. The ad was moderate in effectiveness.



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