Studio 3 – 3 Campaigns


While searching for local design agencies, and campaigns locally – I came across this really awesome modern and sleek design style for Brisbane city council city cycles. The design uses simplistic type and photography mixed together on a plain yellow background.

I love how the hierarchy of information is used for this design, it pops out and really caught my eye with how beautiful it is.


I would love to see many variations of this design, blue, green, orange, etc. It is effective in its colour and pops out.

The agency/design firm which created this was . Twofold agency is based in Brisbane and the area where they are located is Taringa. They have done various different designs for people of high status, such as designing for Mac Miller – The rapper.



This is an example of a advertisement campaign which was enforced by OAK. I used to see this all over the place, and everyone at my school would continue rehearsing the words over and over and it just made me sick of it.

It was effective although annoying, it stuck in every-ones head.

I am not sure which agency created this, bit I’m sure OAK did it.



Here is an example of a big corporation campaign which was used to interpret the use of their new online platform. The company is what you all know, mcdonalds and is using their iconic cheeseburger as a mouse
print-advertising-52 (1).jpg

I love the use of simplicity and semiotics within it






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