Studio 2 – Style guide fixing

Style Guide original version

On my original style guide, i thought it was complete and ready until Narelle called us out and told us there were issues. The issues were that it wasn’t clear enough and needed to be fixed. She showed me multiple issues within the style guide, and this made me realize that a lot of stuff needs to be QA’d before you put them up. Even though our whole team looked through it about 100 times, there were still issues and this astounded me.The original version was clean and cool, but it had issues. the main issues was clearness, and layout of how information was. There was too much reading involved. When people pick a style guide up they want the barebones, and don’t want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of shit.

She showed me the SAE style guidelines and told me multiple things about how it should be layered out and fixed. I didn’t agree on about 2 points as i thought it would make it inconsistent with the style and make it a bit difficult with spreads and how things are placed. The contents page was the main one. I left it how it was but tried to involve her input within the two things



Style Guide

I fixed all of the issues Narelle told me, all of them that i could think and remember that she told me to fix, and it did take a while because i had to redo and rethink all the layouts on another size of paper.

I fixed the layout of information and made it both easy for people WHO want to READ the style guide and for people who WANT TO SKIM through the book reading general ideas, etc.


I basically just made the very important information the colour of the page number/section it is according to the page of contents, which is great. I also justified it in the beginning of the style guide saying ‘in this document, important information will be coloured in order of the page content colour’.




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