Studio 2 – More posters


We got told back from Harmonie that we had to do an EOI Poster for the festival which is an expression of interest poster (EOI). The poster was told to be made in class and Tara said she wanted to do it, I said i would help as the other poster was made by me and I had the template and it was due the day after. Tara started out with an initial idea, and she worked on it for a while. I told her to create it in a similar style of the other one.

After she created some posters she sent them through, but there were style issues within it:


The logo which the logo was tampered with. I told her to fix these issues and make multiple posters with different layouts, to see if we can maybe mix them together and create a final poster. The style was still tampered with a lot and I don’t know if she listened or even looked at the alternate poster, so I suggested for me to simplify the layout and fix some issues within the design. She said it was okay, as long as she was involved.

After looking at the layout of tara’s design, I saw many style issues as well as photographic imagery issues. I enjoyed how the layout of the first one was, but the issue was the style and I can see she wanted to use multiple boxes in our style which was a good move. However it did need some fixing. What I started with was; I used the image which we paid for from shutterstock, and placed it in various positions, fixed a colour issue from taras, (which i don’t even know how it got so white and white washed?)

Image subjected to copyright if saved directly from this blog.


After fixing the Image, i looked at the layout one more time and began to make it more consistent with the other poster still while trying to utilize the box style she showed me.





After completing the poster, I sent to the group to look at and got many QA sessions back. The QA was made with the position of the icons and the positioning of the boxes and text. Evie told me to move the website to the bottom along with the three boxes. And taylah told me to fill the boxes in and make them slightly opaque, which I didnt know if would work, but it did.

Final product here:
WEF Festival Poster2.jpg



To be honest, I find it hard to work with people that don’t actually follow the certain styles created and who haven’t been doing it as much as other people. I end up having to repeatedly tell them to change it to fit the style and fix alignment issues created, and it goes on for hours and it feels endless really. The person actually gets mad if you end up helping them because they feel unworthy and crap.

I have tried to make tara do more and more work, because I feel like no one has acknowledged her; although she doesn’t chat much in the group with working on stuff. She doesn’t take initiative and she needs to try harder when working on things.


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