Studio 2 – LO8 Communication, methods, scheduling


The schedule for our methodology ‘SCRUM’ was in the sprint backlog. The sprint backlog involves all of our tasks for the sprints in each week. We created this as our own deadline, and we needed to have all of these tasks complete by the end of the sprint. The sprint is in the same layout as our schedule to make things easier to read. I made a personal folder for everyone with a timesheet and a schedule on excel within their folder. The personal folder is in our WEF drive folder which is shared with us all, and they can add their own schedule and timesheets to get on schedule for the sprint.

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My personal schedule for everything is much alike the scrum methodology sprints. Thats how I actually organise myself and get tasks ready. I have set tasks for the week, and it works great like the scrum method. The personal schedule for the WEF festival which is seperate from my main one. It has the same layout and style as the backlog because it’s easier to understand.

I don’t really have a life or a job, so the time doesn’t affect me as much. It’s easier for me to write lists instead of specifying times when i should do things, because I have trouble trying to estimate when i do things because its not always correct, trying to guess when i should do things or set times. I have set days for work, but not set dates.




While doing a project, communication is one of the most important aspects of the whole thing. Communication and how you do it can affect the whole project. Our client Harmonie agreed to see us every week to discuss the project.

Although seeing them in person is good, we didn’t see her that much every week. We usually just talked through email platform. We didn’t want multiple people to email Harmonie, so it was just Kim and I a lot of the time. It would be good to see her in person and discuss stuff and collateral more in depth.

The discussions from email did take a while to get back to us, and we were sitting there waiting for her. (we didn’t wait, but we made other stuff while waiting so we didn’t waste time waiting for replies)


To discuss various small projects and designs to each other. our two main areas of chatting were online, and in class. The best option was in class, as it was more involving and we were all there at the same time, so that made it easier to discuss QA and other things we needed to fix. When we were online, it was a little more comfortable for everyone to speak their mind within QA and different opinions on the art and design.

An issue found was with a 1-2team members who stopped replying to all communication methods all together, and began to just ignore all feedback and responses at all. We would rarely see these members in communication and were not involving themselves within the group assigning tasks for each other.


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