Studio 2 – Poster for WEF

A new approach

In the WEF we wanted to make the style of it illustration originally, but after thinking about it we thought we could make the images thrive and stand out if we were to mix illustration and photography. Paul said to us at the start of the trimester that mixing photography and illustration works quite well and heck he was right. It really does work.

I’ve been researching the trends of illustration and photography mixes, and they are quite astounding. This new mixed style separates the WEF from the ‘splendour in the glass’ a bit more now, which is a good asset.


The poster

I was thinking of using the poster without details for flyers or postcards. I ordered some flyers and stuff for the presentation, and exhibition. I wanted them to be cool looking and glossy, (make image stand out) so i got gloss. 50 was the limited amount for flyers, which i didn’t really find necessary. I only wanted about 20 or so, but more the merrier i guess.

(flyers below)

Flyer Mockup 3 - Infinity - originalmockups.jpg

I will also be printing out the poster for the exhibition.


The poster design worked out well. I asked all the team members their opinion and a lot (all) of them loved it. We asked harmonie what she thought, and she liked it too. I wanted to keep it looking good as it does look good, but i did a little background research on the older designs from the WEF and i noticed that they literally DRAG and drop JPG images onto the poster and collateral with the WHITE BACKGROUND STILL PRESENT!

So to fix that very annoying issue that Im pretty sure could happen, I made a white margin/rectangle in the bottom of the poster, as a sponsor template. (its a template so they can drag their logos in the indesign file in there)

So they can add their logos with white backgrounds and backgrounds as they please. Because it will be on the white background and not detracting from the actual poster design, which could be a problem.

Another Problem was that she never really actually specified which poster she liked and wanted to use, which was a bit irritating.

WEF Festival Poster

A small issue


That brings me to my next point, which was her having a big misunderstanding and thinking we were to write the content as she thought we were being marked on it.

We told her multiple times about that, and she persisted, But Kim emailed her back and told her there was a big misunderstanding, and that’s where she told us that she thought we were being marked on writing the content.

I dislike writing content, it’s an annoying task to do (unless they are blogs which involve me talking about my experiences and not analysing project plans and all that). So I’m glad that happened. Even so, I would’ve talked to Narelle because that was NOT in the brief. Writing a whole program template when i don’t even know what the venues or anything are. Im just the designer, and I can’t waste my precious time writing logs and paragraphs of shit.

I guess that is what you have to deal with when working in real world as well. You gotta deal with clients and how they try and stinge the best out of you. Trying to milk any event that happens to come up for the run and taking (They’re sneaky at times).



I felt that by listening to what the lecturers said and trying to implement an illustrative / photographic mixed style can really work well and wonders. I’ve wanted to implement that in something since they told me, but I didn’t know what.

I updated the style guide and did layouts on the style guide as well (which will be in the next blog I discuss). Overall the posters are great and I found a nice and easy solution to an issue that could destroy a design.





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