Studio 2 – Project management methods


Im not an entirely huge fan of groups because I feel it’s very hard to keep the quality high with people of different skillsets than you. It’s also a problem criticizing their work as people get very uppity about their art when you criticize it. I’ve had this problem for the whole of 2 years I’ve been here and i’ve been improving each time and how I approach it each time. I’m a leader personality. I am a good leader, and I can make things work within a group, and i find ways to execute tasks differently than normal people.

I usually like to use the scrum method as it is a lot easier for tasks and the execution of tasks. But today I’m going to be talking about the scrum method in use and my interpretation of how to do it.

Scrum is the most widely used method and the eactual cheapest method of doing project planning according to, (cPrime, 2013)

So you have your scrum method (Agile methodology). We shall break it down simply below.


The tasks and products involved within sprint are:

  • Product backlog (which is what the client desires and the product prioritised)
  • Sprint Backlog (you split the product backlog into sprints and they are done weekly, or however fast you want the product backlog done 1,2,3,etc.).
  • Backlog (Sprint backlog broken up into tasks for the dev team)
  • Scrum daily meeting (This is done once the sprint is complete and every day for around 5-10 minutes)



Scrum can be put to almost any project and it can be done very simply. The scrum method is oftenly known as an agile framework. The owner of the product, the client: will create a product backlog for you to complete. Then you will decide upon a Scrum Master and workers. The scrum master and the team will lay out the sprint and tasks during the sprint method planning, and separate them in to various sprints from the sprint backlog. Sprints/backlog are then completed weekly or daily depending. Sprint is a set time weight. At the end of each sprint, the scrum master will check and make sure everything is going on track. You can always count on scrum as it will make the product more reliable and provide free time for your team and members to work on other things.

You will use

burndown charts

Product backlogs

Sprint backlogs





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