Studio 2 – Technical Issues and problems

Technical Issues and problems


During this trimester I have encountered few problems and many problems within design, print, etc. In this blog, i will go into further detail of the problems and things that i have faced during this Tri.


Technical Issues

 While working with UC this trimester. BIG PROJECT that im still working on (urban climb. Take note of that, because I will be referring them as that after these blogs, and throughout this blog). I encountered some technical issues and a multitude of problems and it was expected. I haven’t worked for a corporate brand ever, and one quite big like ‘UC’. I had problems with understanding the bleed and sizes, specs of the files they wanted #1 problem. To fix these issues, i basically went all the way in to uni and asked Narelle and Ben “how and wtf do i do??” I was having trouble with a signage size, the envelope (that was confusing as), and a few other designs.

They told me a lot of things, and showed me some envelopes and sizes. So basically if i wanted to have a custom pattern on the envelope, i would have to talk to a printing company to get that nice effect. They gave me an envelope and a book to get sizes and custom design templates, etc. to work from. Which was really helpful, so I basically figured it all out after that.


That was issue #1; The second issue was on the same day actually.  There were a lot of big issues, but these were main ones I had (file size, dimensions, bleed – I fixed those when I asked for help which was a good idea. No point cowering in my room. Better to talk to people who’ve done that shit before instead of people from the internet I don’t even know). This issue #2 was in the same company, UC. It was an issue with payments and work and stuff (revisions) and it was very helpful because it felt like i was doing a bit of free work for them at times. The fix was i needed to make fixed revisions after I did work, so include 2 revisions or something with work. After the revisions are gone, it costs something like 65 each revision for example.


Problems and tech issues continued

More smaller issues was me in class with projects. These issues were still very big ones like me not being able to cope with all the stress of having side project and having assignment as well, as I don’t like saying no to people. I had to juggle separate designs and assignments at the same time, giving me basically no free time (which I guess is the sacrifice of being a designer?).

I talked to Narelle about it, and she said im just gonna have to learn to say ‘no’ and decline requests from people. Which I have been starting to try and do more to free up space and stuff. Especially people wanting to receive free work from me. A major issue was that aimed together with that time managing. I couldn’t even time manage because I had actually too much to juggle around. I fixed it by using notepad to write down todo lists for the day, which helped me alot. 



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