SV Logo

SV Logo.jpg

This is a logo I did for Jacob, from SAE. I think he finished or is in second year, I’m not entirely sure. He wanted this logo to be an indie type style logo and sent me some circular style logos, so i adapted them and created this cursive style circular logo.

He has a website, and wanted me to design a logo to fit it. I looked at his website, and the design was.. a bit bad. so i suggested some fixes. I offered to code his website for him and redesign it. I even offered to Re-design without coding which lowered the price, and he still didn’t want to. I sent him an example of what i’d do if i were to code his site, but still refused.

(sorry about bad quality images, they’re from my ipad)


He decided to do it himseld to make it cheaper, and that’s completely fine with me. His website can be found here: http://jkenn183.wix.com/music-studio-mp

As you can see, he just literally saved my image and then put it as a header.. and the website is amateur, but this is about the logo. Yeah I enjoy the logo. I give it a 7/10.


AM Productions


AM Productions asked me to create a logo based off of old recorder style. I was sent various different logos and photos of actual recorders and was asked to create a great logo out of them.

The first one I showed him he enjoyed it and asked me to create some business cards for him. He really liked the business cards and wanted different colours, but i told him his logo should probably stick with one colour otherwise it wouldn’t work as effectively.


Out of all logos on here, this one is a really good one. I enjoy it, and Im not even gonna rate it lol.

Kevin Wu – Sound Engineer


Kevin contacted me when I was post blocked on facebook, so I had to contact him through another friends account and it made everything very difficult. With this logo, Kevin wanted something to represent his name in a very interesting concept. I converted his initials into a style with rectangles and one curved rectangle to push his stylized initial style forward. I added a very thin set of text underneath it to create a sense of prolonged proximity, while still present.


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