Album Cover

Felan Cover


Felan asked me to design an album cover for him, and I obliged to do so, as album covers are really fun and I like to design them in new trends and styles. The project had to be done in a few days as he was going to upload it, so I had to think quickly. He wanted it to be similar to that paint style, but I told him ‘maybe I can expand and change it up a bit with my own preference or design?’ and he was fine with that.

The album name/single name is ‘feel me’ and was a sort of love-like song, so i wanted to incorporate a love/emotional style into it, so pink or red worked. I tried the paint style with various photographic distortion styles and paint style distortion. Then I realized that i could maybe use previous works i did in a different sense of style or colour, or anything.

I looked back at my old playing cards design, the back of the card. It had an awesome pattern i designed and illustrated. I re-used the illustration on the back and changed some hues and cropped it down, and it actually looked quite good. I looked at various trending albums and covers on spotify and tried to replicate the style on there.

Feel me album cover.jpg

I made it a modern and sleek style which is basically what my identity is. I love to make stuff sleek, stylistic, and modern. Here is a condensed (bad quality version of the album cover)


What do I think of it? What did I learn



To be honest, it’s great. I love it, it would look amazing printed and it does work. 9/10 I think.

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp


Check out Felans song here:


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