Studio 2 – Map, logo, posters


Last week in the assignment was long and rough, but we finally pushed through and had a small rest for a few days while waiting for Harmonie to reply to us. After the break, we got a few messages back about our designs, posters, maps logo, so we needed to do some QA and fix them up.

One of the things she said was to add more colour to the designs, posters, etc. So that was a thing we had to fix. In the map she asked as to change the perspective and make it a bit more detailed on the area. So after the email back we had some work to do.



While Harmonie said the information about making the map more detailed and to refer to the blue and orange one we originally showed in the presentation. As much as we’d like to create that, we aren’t sure it would exactly work for the map. So we continued to use the style but changed it into a more easier to read version, while still stylized and beautiful.



Street Map (1).jpg


We had a great logo and it was working perfectly, but the day after we made it another festival. “splendour in the grass” had a similar design style to us, so we had to change our final logo. Which was kind of annoying. So we had to just redesign. What we did was take the circular shape out and leave the rectangle as the logo. But we would use the pattern we have in various designs.

SITG_2016_Profile0304 2



We also had some trouble with our posters from feedback she gave us. We wanted to talk to her about this ‘sun-moon’ idea she had, and really say it wasn’t or isnt neccesary to have as the events are connected and dont need to be based around the sun and moon. Even the logo.. it doesnt need to be changed because of another event at night..

We are going to discuss this with her on thursday and see what she thinks. Evie did some posters and they’re very good, but they don’t fit the actual event in a way. The font is different and a different colour to the original, the colours are warm and hot and feel like it’s going to be a nandos event. It’s very well put together and thought out but doesn’t fit. So we have tried two variations (since she wanted more colour)
Photographic-mixed (this one isnt done yet)







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