Studio 2 – West end festival and more


In the group, we were in charge of the logo (Group 2) but I wanted to make the process a lot faster, as Harmonie wanted an extensive detailed logo with icons and all that other kind of stuff.  SO what I suggested was to have all of us design icons and I was to place them on the logo accordingly and QA the icons so that the style as consistent.

I’m quite happy with the end result of the logo actually, it looks quite cool. We showed her the final logo, and she enjoyed it. We also had a pattern idea to keep throughout all the designs to keep everything the same style. She also enjoyed that. on the logo, it is an off black to keep that soft feeling within the designs. I will attach some mock-ups I created for the festival. (also a business card front cover, to help Tara with her designs)


Business card


As the other group was having trouble with making the posters, I suggested a poster style they could probably replicate and use. Using colours and black to pop it out. Unfortunately they didn’t like it because it was too black and ‘looked like a funeral’ ahahah so we didnt use it. But they used the layout and changed the black to white I think?

Artwork Frame PSD Mockup

FB Banner



Street map

For the street map, Tara, Jasmine and I were working together to make the street map. We wanted to stylise it and have the main and populated streets of west end covered. We all like the street map, but harmonie doesnt really know where the venues are so we havent completed it yet. We have to wait a little bit for her to confirm it for us.. It really took a long time, the amount of effort we put into it was a lot, we worked in a team to complete it again, just like the logo. And it shows as it is really quality.






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