Studio 2 – New project (again)

It’s over.

after our last assignment we retrieved ANOTHER assignment.  One straight up after the last one, in like a day after notice.

The last assignment i did, i think i did a good job to be honest (i think). It’s purpose was served. I got a lot of feedback on the size of my font (which was my main problem).


I should’ve made it a bit bigger or even removed parts of the quote, or shortened it ( I didn’t know we could do that ). But overall I give it about an 8/10. They were put together really well and here is some of the mock-ups and stuff of my final works.

Poster Mockup 01 - Infinity - originalmockupsPoster Mockup 03 - Infinity - originalmockupsPoster Mockup 02 - Infinity - originalmockups22222

Here is the one i didn’t end up using or finishing. I didn’t think it worked as well as the others.


New assignment, new client

So back to my other topic, which is the other client and assignment. We got a new one and were separated into two groups to compete for the final style of the ‘west end festival.’

The west end festival didnt choose one style though, they chose to use both of our styles together. They decided to mix two very different styles.  In my opinion, i dont think that it would’ve worked or will work if we have to mix geometric style/triangles/ with an illustrative icon, flat style. The explosions might not collide well with illustration.

I just feel that it would fail in many ways. Who knows, it could work, but thats what i expected. But i like to view things on the positive side. I will do my best to help our team and lead our team together and make the best design this uni has ever seen.

I’m project manager of this group. The group is split into 2 for the small projects like posters, street map. This will work in itself actually. We have two QA’s so that there can be a variety of opinions and stuff will stay consistent. With smaller projects like letterheads, business cards, fb banners, one person will work on it and everyone will individually have input rather than have 3 people working on a letterhead. Just thinking about time saving, as we have like a week to do it.

Having 3 people work on a letterhead is really just a waste of time, so we split it individually.


In the next blog, i will discuss what our group has done with the logo, the business cards, posters, and other various things we worked on.







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