Studio 2 – Newest Project

3 Posters

Now I have not posted as much because I have been so busy with other things, but I thought it would be best to talk about how things are going and what I did for a starters.
The project brief we were given right after the last project and we had to choose from a list of disciplines, I chose film teachers as i guess i thought it would be cool and fun. It was a good move to be honest. We have to make 3 inspirational posters, that are of intermediate complexity.

Film teachers are very chill people and are not as uptight as people make them out to be. If i had more time, I would’ve went with a photographic approach and took my own photos of models, etc. My original idea was to take studio photos with illustrations over the top. But in order for that, I would need models and it takes time to book, get models, ideas, etc. So I couldn’t really do that in a short amount of time. Plus my friends are always busy so I’d probably have to hire an actual model.

My original Inspiration:

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Film teachers

I found out by reading about teachers and asking questions that they get inspired by a lot of things. Film makers  actually get inspired by music and art a lot. Your ideas have to come from somewhere dont they? I asked heidi (film teacher girl) what she thought inspired her and she replied with a whole list of replies. there was a lot, so i had to re ask her on email and clarify with her. Huw (film teacher guy) had an idea for me, but because I was behind schedule because of my family and other work I had to do I couldnt pursue it.



I was behind schedule, because of family, side-work, and somewhat waiting for a reply. While i was waiting for my reply, I went to do some mockups of my ideas. I did an illustrative one and a quick double exposure Idea I was thinking of doing. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it, as I wouldn’t get as good as marks if I didn’t take the photos, so i dumped it like an old girlfriend.


In the next blog, we will see some of the processes of my final posters. Ones I didn’t use, ones i did, how they went, how long they took, what inspired me..




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