Studio 2 – Illustration

The style and creation of posters


I’m going to not show them all until after Tuesday. What I’m going to do is show ones I didn’t use and place finished ones inside circles, so you don’t get to see it all :p

Here is one I used within my style guide. I simplified it a lot more than the others, because i really didn’t want to waste as much time. The details seen in all of posters are much like the air balloons. The style for this one was simplified because I wanted to push a sunset feeling for a nice colour scheme


The style is a very interesting one and one i enjoy doing quite much.


Here is a work of progress on my final artwork poster. As you can see, the details are fine and sharp at the front, but when it fades off the details get lighter and fade away.




here is another example of detail, but lesser. This chair was something that was far away in one of my designs. It doesnt have as much detail as the above content, but it needs flat detail. I used an image to get a precise measurement for the flat design. Each element of the posters took a little while to make so it really gets you impressed a bit. I impress myself.





Here is one of my finals inside a circle, like i said i would do earlier. This is one of my favourites of them all. I changed the colour of this as well so its not a complete spoiler. I believe the style of this says something about film. that film can have a style. It’s weird, and non photographic but it does relate to film, it sort of makes a statement about art and film. and that “can we really have styles within films?” yes. yes you can. (its also fun to look at)

Return later for mockups and final posters!

Come back on the 5th-6th of april for the final designs uploaded and put on a mockup. I may even print them out and show them on my social media. So stay tuned.




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